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Solar on schools MnSEIA Minnesota legislative policy
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Solar on Schools

After several years of efforts to make it a reality for Minnesotans, the Legislature passed MnSEIA’s Solar on Schools bill in the 2021 June Special Session. Learn more about the bill and how it will benefit schools across the state.
Minnesota state capitol MnSEIA solar policy

2021 Legislative Session Recap

2021 featured the biggest wins for solar since 2013. The Commerce & Energy Omnibus bill allocated $31M for the industry, including $21M for Solar for Schools and Community Colleges, a 2-year Solar*Rewards extension, and a huge new market opportunity in Brightfields.
Community solar garden in Minnesota farm MnSEIA
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Community Solar Gardens

Minnesota has a nation-leading Community Solar Garden program that MnSEIA has been lobbying for since 2013. Learn more about MnSEIA's work and how we're collaborating with our partners to strengthen this important part of the Minnesota solar industry. 
Connexus Energy Solar Plus Storage Project in MN - MnSEIA
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Energy Storage

Energy storage is a great way to maximize the benefits of solar by enhancing the efficiency and reliability of the grid. With costs rapidly decreasing and the market growing, MnSEIA is making energy storage a priority.
Solar plus pollinators project MnSEIA
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Minnesota Brightfields

Brightfields are an amazing way to turn otherwise unusable land into clean energy generation by installing solar on closed landfills. See how MnSEIA helped create a pilot project that will open a market of almost a GW of solar in Minnesota.
Minnesota solar array in the Twin Cities IPS Solar MnSEIA
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Value of Solar

Since 2013, when MnSEIA helped pass the Value of Solar rate, we have worked at the PUC to ensure the rate is fair and accurately calculated. See how we work with utilities and the PUC so the VOS is beneficial for everyone involved.
Solar on farms in Midwest, MnSEIA solar policy DG tariff
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Distributed Generation (DG) Tariff

Distributed Generation would boost grid resiliency, develop marginal land, and offer utilities a better price per MWh. However, no DG facility has taken service under the current framework. MnSEIA aims to fix the framework to spur development of this promising market.
Minnesota Solar Energy - MnSEIA PV Demand Credit
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PV Demand Credit

An innovative, value-driven market maker for Commercial & Industrial solar flies under the radar in Minnesota: the Photovoltaic Demand Credit Rider. Learn more about the PV Demand Credit and how it's created more solar projects in the state.
Residential rooftop solar panels on office MnSEIA policy
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One-Mile Rule

Minnesota utilities sometimes misread the "One-Mile Rule," which can overly complicate solar projects. Learn more about the One-Mile Rule and MnSEIA's legal memo on the issue.
Minnesota solar array MnSEIA
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Planned Outages

Few things are as frustrating to a Community Solar Garden owner or operator as a garden going offline with little notice. See how MnSEIA helps mitigate the impacts of outages by making their occurrences more predictable and their costs more equitable.
Nate Adams Frattalone Pile Driving
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Interconnection Standards

The Minnesota PUC devised a set of statewide Interconnection Standards in 2004 that are routinely updated. With Phase I of the new interconnection standards—”MN DIP”—completed in the summer of 2019, MnSEIA continues to work with utilities to shape Phases II and III.  
Minnesota State Capitol building MnSEIA solar policy work

2020 Minnesota Legislative Session Recap

The 2020 Legislative Session was one like no other, but MnSEIA found ways to keep Moving Solar Forward. Here’s a look back, including our work to extend the Solar*Rewards program, the Solar on Schools bill, Community Solar Gardens legislation, and more. 
Bees on pollinator flowers next to a community solar array MnSEIA
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2019 Minnesota Legislative Session Recap

The 2019 session had several big ticket energy proposals impacting the solar industry relating to energy storage, changes to the Solar*Rewards program, Brightfields, and more. See our recap and how MnSEIA worked to Move MN Solar Forward.       
Joe Sausen Chisago County North Star Project Aerial View
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Xcel Energy's Renewable*Connect

Xcel Energy's Renewable*Connect program has been a huge success so far with over 2,350 people currently on the waitlist. Learn more about the program and how MnSEIA is working with the PUC and Xcel to expand it.
Xcel Energy Logo
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Xcel Energy's IRP Annoucement - Plans 3,000MW of Solar by 2030

In May of 2019, Xcel Energy announced plans to shut down all of its coal plants and to replace them with approximately 3,000MW of utility-scale solar. Read MnSEIA's position on this exciting announcement for the solar industry.
Solar workers install panels in Minnesota MnSEIA
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Learn more about the working groups we're involved with

MnSEIA works with many partners including government agencies, utilities, non-profits and more to advance clean energy goals in Minnesota. Learn more about these groups and our involvement at the link below.